Anthem for Doomed youth  (Triptych)

By Michelle Cioccoloni

The format is that of the predella, but as Owen's experiences made him question the existence of God and all things religious, here a darker truth is revealed, that addressed in Anthem for Doomed Youth.
The oil painting, flanked on each side by two versions of 'Anthem for Doomed Youth', is of the south of England and the north of France in a modern pixelated image showing heat in the many different squares of red, yellow and orange. As a contemporary image it brings into play the idea of communities within space and what happened to them almost a century ago, the colours becoming symbols for emotions buried within people and the youth of nations buried within landscapes, for the grief, as Owen himself put it, that swept across Europe like a long long road.

Anthem for  Doomed Youth

Anthem for  Doomed Youth

Anthem for Doomed Youth

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