The Pity of War

By Michelle Cioccoloni

The huge painting which dominates the lower gallery is five meters in length and consists of five panels, one for each year of the war. Placed side by side the warmness of the soft cream colour and the wood tones of the panels initially induce a false sense of calmness, but, in fact, they create an almost life-size spectacle of destruction. As the viewer draws in closer the texture reveals itself, and so, too, do small cuts in the wood - little words, like small wounds cover the whole piece. The words are from Wilfred Owen's collected letters, which involuntarily became his 'autobiography'. Wilfred became the person we now remember him as because of his experiences on the front, but also because he died so young and was not able to develop the wonderful talent, which is so evident in his war poems, throughout a long and full life.

Pity of War in detail

Pity of War

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