WW1 Poets on the Battlefield
Philip Guest, author of our Virtual Tour pages, has also undertaken research into three other First World War poets - Edmund Blunden, Rupert Brooke and Siegfried Sassoon. 

The First World War Digital Archive
Launched on 11th November 2008, the First World War Poetry Digital Archive, which is based at the University of Oxford and funded by the JISC Digitisation Programme, made available to the general public a wide array of archival resources relating to literature of the First World War. Building on the success of Oxford's 'Wilfred Owen Multimedia Digital Archive', and the 'Virtual Seminars for Teaching Literature' project, this multimedia digital archive contains archival resources from other major British poets of the First World War plus images, text, audio and video of primary contextual materials.

The War Poets at Craiglockhart
Learn more about Craiglockhart, where Wilfred Owen first met Siegfried Sassoon.

The Hydra

Wilfred Owen was editor for six issues from 21 July 1917. He took the chance to publish (anonymously) the first two poems of his own ever to appear in print, Song of Songs and The Next War, as well as two new poems by Siegfried Sassoon, Dreamers and Wirers. Several more poems by Sassoon appeared in the New Series.  Edinburgh Napier University Library, in cooperation with the English Faculty at Oxford University, has transcribed these issues.

Wilfred Owen on the BBC Shropshire website

Wilfred Owen Audio Gallery

Association Wilfred Owen France

Tribute to Wilfred Owen by The Birkenhead Institute, where he was a pupil.

The Wilfred Owen Story

The UK's only permanent Owen exhibition.

My Poet Side's Wilfred Owen page

Several of Owen's poems, his biography, a multimedia gallery, a timeline and timemap of his life.

Oswestry Borderland Tourism

The website includes a page about Wilfred Owen with a link to download the Wilfred Owen Oswestry Town Trail.

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War museums

Imperial War Museum

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The Royal Society of Literature (RSL)

The Royal Society of Literature was founded by King George IV in 1820, to ‘reward literary merit and excite literary talent’.

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The Centre for First World War Studies at The University of Birmingham has a very long list of WW1 related links on their website.  Click here.