Dunsden Owen Association

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An article about the Dunsden Owen Association, which was formed earlier this year to promote Wilfred Owen’s connections with the Dunsden area and to link the village with Ors, where Owen was killed and is buried.

(Henley Standard, 9 December 2013)

See also: Project honours the memory of First World War poet Wilfred Owen (Get Reading, 31 March 2014):


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In Memoriam: Wilfred Owen

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The Wilfred Owen Association has again arranged for an In Memoriam announcement to go into The Times newspaper on Monday 4 November, to commemorate Wilfred Owen's death.

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World War I National Portrait Gallery show announced

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The centenary of World War I is to be marked in a National Portrait Gallery show of paintings, films and sculptures inspired by the conflict.

It will feature portraits of Wilfred Owen and Siegfried Sassoon.

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Seamus Heaney 1939-2013

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The world-renowned poet Seamus Heaney has died aged 74.

Heaney was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1995 and was presented with the Wilfred Owen Poetry Award in Shrewsbury in 2000.

BBC news has published an obituary (30 August 2013):

An obituary will also be printed in the next issue of the Wilfred Owen Association Journal.




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Life-size statue of Owen unveiled in Shrewsbury

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Life-size statues of famous Salopians, including Wilfred Owen, have been unveiled in Shrewsbury.

Shropshire Star readers were asked to vote for their favourite “local heroes” to feature in the art sculpture.

More on the Shropshire Star website (25 June 2013)

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