Anthony and Lorraine Brown's portrait of Wilfred Owen goes on display at Liverpool Cathedral

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A new portrait of Wilfred Owen has been placed on display at Liverpool Cathedral.

Created by Anthony and Lorraine Brown, it is the first piece in a major new art project dedicated to soldiers through time and the impact of war on society. It features a background of images of memorabilia, photographs and, poignantly, Owen’s own hand written poems and letters.

More in the Liverpool Daily Post (November 1st 2011)

See also the Liverpool Cathedral website.


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Bleached Bone and Living Wood - the Forester's House

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BBC Radio 4 broadcast about Wilfred Owen and the Forester's House, where Owen wrote his last letter.

Available for 7 days from November 10th.

Articles about the Forester's House:

A shrine to war poet hero Wilfred Owen

(The Telegraph, 13 November 2011)

How Wilfred Owen’s poetry lives on in his forest hideout

(Daily Mail, 24 October 2011)






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Matthew Hollis wins the Biographers' Club Best First Biography Award

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The winner of this year's £5,000 HW Fisher Best First Biography Prize was Matthew Hollis for Now All Roads Lead to France: The Last Years of Edward Thomas, published by Faber.

Speaking on behalf of the judges, Michael Prodger said: ‘Matthew Hollis's Now All Roads Lead to France is not just an account of one of the First World War's less starry poets but of two worlds. The first is the febrile poetry world of the time, full of arguments, striving and intense friendships; the second is the world of creativity inside Thomas's head and just how the poems came about and were crafted. Hollis depicts both with extraordinary insight and in prose that is in the very best sense poetic.

Read about the prize on the Biographers' Club website.


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In Memoriam announcement

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An In Memoriam announcement for Wilfred Owen will appear in The Times on November 4th to mark the 93rd anniversary of his death.  It has been placed by the Wilfred Owen Association.

The notice reads:

OWEN Lieutenant Wilfred MC, poet, died while crossing the Sambre Canal, 4th November 1918. ‘And each slow dusk a drawing-down of blinds.’

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Rosalind Hudis wins the 2011 Wilfred Owen Association Bursary.

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The Wilfred Owen Association is delighted to announce the winner of this year's Wilfred Owen Association Bursary, which takes the form of a fully-paid place on one of the courses at the Ty Newydd writers' centre near Cricieth. 

Out of almost twenty submissions - many of them of excellent quality - for the bursary this year, all three judges chose Rosalind Hudis, of Pont Newydd, Aberystwyth, as the outright winner. Her work seems to us to be of outstanding quality: her poetic voice is individually distinctive, but also takes its place in the tradition of R.S.Thomas and Gillian Clarke - which is high praise indeed. We particularly admired the way in which she makes the Welsh landscape act in various ways as a metaphor for the human condition and the human drama.

Ms Hudis will be a student on the "Poetry, Memoir and Fiction" course run by Owen Sheers and Paul Henry at Ty Newydd in November. We hope that she will let us have an account of the course, and also some of her poems, to publish in a future issue of the Journal of the Wilfred Owen Association. 

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