Vivien Noakes 1937 - 2011

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The WOA was very sad to hear that Vivien Noakes, the distinguished academic and literary critic, passed away on February 17th.  We send our condolences to her family.

Vivien was a leading scholar of Edward Lear and Isaac Rosenberg.

An obituary appeared in The Guardian (March 4th 2011)

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Birkenhead will welcome the country's first tribute to Wilfred Owen's work

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The Wirral is set to become the home of the country’s first permanent tribute to WWI poet Wilfred Owen.

An exhibition organised by Dean Johnson, which opens on March 18th in Birkenhead, will commemorate the work of the famous poet.

Read more in the Wirral Globe (March 1st 2011)

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Sponsorship opportunity

Dean Johnson is seeking sponsorship to fund this project.  Alternatively, if anyone involved in the printing business could assist with I.T skills (website, video production etc.) he'd love to hear from you too. Dean would also love to hear your thoughts or idea's to help move the project forward.  Contact him at:
07944 398 794

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Frank Buckles, America's last WWI veteran, dies aged 110

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Mr Buckles, who joined the US army in 1917, at the age of 16, lying about his age to get enlisted, died of natural causes at his home near Charles Town, West Virginia, on Sunday.

Read more on the BBC website (28 February 2011).

Read an obituary in the Independent (2 March 2011)

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Boy soldiers' artwork shown outside Parliament

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"A three-dimensional art installation depicting child soldiers is being displayed outside the Houses of Parliament as part of a peace campaign. The sculpture, by Hertfordshire artist Schoony, shows the boys sprayed with the words Dulce Et Decorum Est - words from Wilfred Owen's First World War."

BBC news, 20 January 2011

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Musician PJ Harvey to be offered chance to become 'official war song correspondent'

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"The avant-garde rock star PJ Harvey is being given the chance to travel to conflict zones where the British army is fighting by the Imperial War Museum.

The songs on Harvey's new album, Let England Shake, reflect her strong emotional response to living through a period of war in the Middle East and to other people's memories of previous campaigns."

Read more in the Guardian, 13 February 2011

Reviewing the album in the Irish Times, Tony Clayton-Lea writes: "without coming across as uninformed or pretentious, Harvey has coached her lyrics in the form of elegiac love letters to her country and a series of brittle war poetry that references Siegfried Sassoon and Wilfred Owen."


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