Sassoon campaign launched by University Library

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A fund raising campaign to acquire the archive of Siegfried Sassoon's personal papers has been launched by Cambridge University at Sotheby’s.
University of Cambridge, 26 June 2009

Further details are on the Siegfried Sassoon Fellowship’s website.

If you would like to make a donation please download this form.  A gift aid form is also available.

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Owen discussed on the Guardian's "Books Blog"

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"The Parable of the Old Man and the Young" is the Guardian's "Poem of the Week". 

Carol Rumens looks at "Wilfred Owen's retelling of the Abraham myth, and how it chimes with Barack Obama's speech in Cairo".

Join the debate on the Guardian's blog

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Launch of the new Wilfred Owen Association website

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Welcome to the Wilfred Owen Association's website!

How can you get to know a poet who was killed in the First World War? Owen's work was virtually unknown at the time of his death, at the age of only 25, yet for many people today his poems are the voice of the conflict. This website enables you to explore life, family, war experience and writing of Wilfred Owen, now perhaps the best-known of the poets of 1914-1918.

Here you will find a full range of material - the poet's life and work, and the settings which helped to shape his writing. If you want biographical detail, the range of his literary influences and friendships or practical information on visiting sites associated with Owen, you will find it here.

From News to Bibliography, via Chronology, Memorials and a Virtual Tour of important sites, the essential people, settings and events of his short life appear together with a selection of poems and comment.

The website reflects many years of reading and study which have been used for personal reading and presentations for education and the media. This is essential material for better knowledge of the writer and his poetry, for information and for visits.

Helen McPhail, Vice-President and former Chair of the Wilfred Owen Association


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BBC plans to send poet to Afghanistan battlefields

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Observer, 24 May 2009

"Honouring the works of Owen and Sassoon, the BBC will send Simon Armitage... to Helmand province to capture the lives of British troops in conflict".

The makers of the one-hour documentary, Behind the Lines, plan to film Armitage’s response to frontline operations.


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WWI soldiers buried in unmarked graves could be identified

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The Telegraph, 13 March 2009

A vast archive containing information about the death, burial or capture of more than 20 million soldiers who fought in the First World War has been discovered by historian Peter Barton in the basement of the Red Cross headquarters in Geneva. The information has the potential to pinpoint the final resting places of those listed as missing in action, which could mean headstones currently marking the grave of an unknown soldier finally bearing a name. The Red Cross is to spend more than £2 million digitising the records in time for the centenary of the outbreak of war in 2014.

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