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Bleached Bone and Living Wood - the Forester's House

Posted: 10/11/2011 21:15 | News Home


BBC Radio 4 broadcast about Wilfred Owen and the Forester's House, where Owen wrote his last letter.

Available for 7 days from November 10th.

Articles about the Forester's House:

A shrine to war poet hero Wilfred Owen

(The Telegraph, 13 November 2011)

How Wilfred Owen’s poetry lives on in his forest hideout

(Daily Mail, 24 October 2011)






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Maison Forestière - pictures from the opening

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Over 900 people attended the opening of the stunning Maison Forestière last Saturday (October 1st).

Turner Prize nominee Simon Patterson was commissioned to convert the Forester's House (Maison Forestière), where Owen wrote his last letter on October 31st 1918, into a permanent sculptured memorial to Owen

More information about the Maison Forestière is on the Travel Editor website.

A feature in the Oxford Times (13 October 2011) and the Mail on Sunday (23 October 2011)

If you'd like more information please email or contact the Wilfred Owen Association France (


Peter Owen (far right) with dignitaries at the opening

The inauguration

The stunning Maison Forestière

Photos by Sam Gray


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Remembering Owen at the Forester's House and in Ors

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With the co-operation of two French communes (Haute Sambre-Bois L’Eveque, Mayor Marc Dufrenne, and Ors, Mayor Jacky Duminy) and the Wilfred Owen Association France, the Rector of the Academie de Lille, Mme Marie-Jeanne Philippe, organized a special event to mark the 13th Day of Remembrance in Education in France on Friday 27 May. The event was supported by the Vimy Foundation, the War Graves Commission and the Wellington Quarry at Arras. Peter Owen, President of the Wilfred Owen Association, and his wife Elizabeth were special guests.

The event honoured the memory of Wilfred Owen and brought together 160 students from colleges and lycees in Nord Pas de Calais who have studied Owen’s work.  Students from a school in Maidstone, Kent, were also invited.

The day began near the Forester’s House, where Owen wrote his last letter.  Turner Prize nominee Simon Patterson has been commissioned to convert the House into a permanent sculptured memorial to Owen.  The exterior of the house will remain ostensibly the same, but the walls will be rendered white, the roof will be white and the whole building will look like a solid sculptural object. Viewed from the north, the roof will appear normal but when viewed from the south, the structure reveals itself to be in the form of an open ‘book’, face down with spine uppermost, the ‘pages’ constructed out of glass to admit maximum daylight into the interior. The central idea is to create a sanctuary away from the outside world. The interior will therefore be gutted, leaving an open white space, lit from above. The interior of the house will be clad with a translucent skin of glass onto which are etched drafts of Owen’s Anthem for Doomed Youth.  The cellar remains untouched and is accessed by a curved ramp alongside which runs the text of Owen’s last letter home to his mother. More information is on the Art Connexion website.

Photos of the work, which is due to be completed in July, are below. The inaugural ceremony will be held on October 1 2011 (all welcome). For more information email


Work on the House

The Forester's House from the road

The cellar where Owen wrote his last letter

Inside the Forester's House

After visiting the Forester’s House, a ceremony took place at Owen’s grave in the small cemetery of the village of Ors, where there were speeches, as well as poetry readings, in English and French.  A wreath was laid by the children on Wilfred’s grave.

Peter Owen and others in Ors

 Students at the ceremony

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Project to commemorate war poet Owen

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A report on plans for the Forester's House, where Owen wrote his last letter.

Shropshire Star

Further information about this project is on the Association Wilfred Owen France website.



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