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Highly Commended and Runners-up poems announced

September 29th 2014    Category: General

The Highly Commended and Runners-up poems entered into the Wilfred Owen Association's International Poetry Competition are:

Highly Commended

  • Mark Haworth-Booth : “The Anthropocene”
  • Don Nixon: “Wreck of a Troopship 1916”
  • Chris Raetschus: “How to Survive the News”
  • Gill Learner: “The Lodestar of the Upper VIth”
  • Kathy Miles: “Picking Grapes”
  • Pat Winslow: “Utah”
  • Hazel Hutchison: “Intermezzo: Gallipoli”   


  • Greg Freeman: “Learning by Heart”
  • Michael Wood: “Bergen-Belsen” 
  • Martin Bennett: “Now thrive the armourers”
  • Michael Brett: “Every dead baby is a baby Croatian”
  • Margaret Holbrook: “In a village of many ash trees”
  • Andria J Cooke: “The Last One Left”
  • Alan Franks: “Late Rendezvous”
  • Susan Davies: The Invaders”
  • Roger Elkin: “Fishing in the Khyber River”
  • Rebecca Bilkau: “On not going to Bergen-Belsen”

First prize in the competition was awarded to Alan Franks for his poem “The Manor”.  Click here for more information.

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