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Wilfred Owen's Places: Craiglockhart, Edinburgh

Napier University

From a Psychiatric Hospital in 1917 to Napier University.

This is a present day photograph of the main building formerly a spa hotel. It remains very much the same outside as when Wilfred Owen and Siegfried Sassoon knew it. Here Owen was treated by Dr.Brock who favoured "the occupation cure". Sassoon was under the care of the famous Dr. Rivers-anthropologist and neurologist-who was the Chief Medical Officer* After the war Craiglockhart became a teacher-training college and in due course became the Headquarters of Napier University. It is now a busy and cheerful building with students’ refectories named after Owen and Sassoon

On occasion Owen liked to visit what he described as "The Tower" - clearly seen in the photograph.

Napier University - The Tower

*For more information about the treatment of shell-shock at Craiglockhart, see Webb, T (2006) "Dottyville"—Craiglockhart War Hospital and shell-shock treatment in the First World War, Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine, Vol 99, pp342-346 and Crossman, A. M (2003) The Hydra, Captain A J Brock and the treatment of shell-shock in Edinburgh, The Journal of the Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh, Vol 33, pp119–123

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