News - Maison Forestière - pictures from the opening

Posted: 05/10/2011 21:09 | News Home

Over 900 people attended the opening of the stunning Maison Forestière last Saturday (October 1st).

Turner Prize nominee Simon Patterson was commissioned to convert the Forester's House (Maison Forestière), where Owen wrote his last letter on October 31st 1918, into a permanent sculptured memorial to Owen

More information about the Maison Forestière is on the Travel Editor website.

A feature in the Oxford Times (13 October 2011) and the Mail on Sunday (23 October 2011)

If you'd like more information please email or contact the Wilfred Owen Association France (


Peter Owen (far right) with dignitaries at the opening

The inauguration

The stunning Maison Forestière

Photos by Sam Gray


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