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New portrait of Owen unveiled at the Wilfred Owen Story

Posted: 19/06/2011 21:23 | News Home


A new portrait of Wilfred Owen has been unveiled at the Wilfred Owen Story, a new museum opened in Birkenhead in March this year. 

This ceremony preceded a preliminary performance of Bullets and Daffodils, a musical drama about Owen’s life.

Among those in attendance was John Gorman, famed for his comedy sketches on TV and as a member of the Scaffold, whose 1960s’ hits included Thank U Very Much and Lily the Pink.

Gorman is organising a Festival of Wirral Firsts to be held in Hoylake and Oxton during July.

The portrait was painted by Anthony Brown, who was acclaimed in 2007 for his exhibition featuring prominent Merseysiders called "100 Heads Thinking As One", which marked the 800th anniversary of Liverpool being granted its Royal Charter by King John.

Wilfred Owen by Anthony Brown

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The power of war poetry, from the Western Front to Helmand province

Posted: 05/10/2010 12:48 | News Home

Article about war poetry, which appeared in the Independent on Sunday on October 3rd 2010.

Independent on Sunday website, 3 October 2010

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"Exit wounds"

Posted: 29/07/2009 20:21 | News Home

"With the conflict in Afghanistan escalating and the Iraq inquiry pending, poet laureate Carol Ann Duffy commissions war poetry for today".

Guardian, 25 July 2009

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BBC plans to send poet to Afghanistan battlefields

Posted: 27/05/2009 13:35 | News Home

Observer, 24 May 2009

"Honouring the works of Owen and Sassoon, the BBC will send Simon Armitage... to Helmand province to capture the lives of British troops in conflict".

The makers of the one-hour documentary, Behind the Lines, plan to film Armitage’s response to frontline operations.


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